a few questions I've been asked in the past seven years...

  • How long after the Wedding will we receive our images? How will they be delivered?
    My usual turnaround time is about 8-10weeks! This does not stop me from sending over a few sneak peeks though;) I use a website called “Pic-Time” to deliver all of your High Res. images.

  • Do you deliver every image you shoot? Do you supply RAW files?
    When it comes to picking photos, I choose the ones that I feel are best. I can shoot over 1,500 images (easily) during a wedding day and usually wind up editing about half of that, maybe even less. Most of the time they're duplicates and I don't think you want shots of the same thing over and over again. As far as RAW files goes, I do not give those to my couples. The main reason being is that the edited images I supply show my true style.

  • Am I able to edit our photos using Instagram or any other photo editing app?
    The simple answer is, no. I, along with many other photographers, have taken y e a r s to create a style to make each and every one of us unique. My style of editing helps me stand out from other Wedding Photographers and when you use photo editing apps and post these re-edited images to your social media, your'e not allowing future clients (which may even include some of your family and friends!) to see my work.

  • Do you expect to be tipped after the wedding?
    No Photographer should not e x p e c t (I hope) to be tipped after shooting a wedding. I will say that it is great to feel appreciated for the work that I put forth to capture your day, but that doesn't mean I expect money. I've had clients give me gifts or even a "thank you" note. Even a simple text or email the next day is always appreciated too! I will emphasize again though, I would never expect to be tipped, but I (and many other photographers that I've talked to about this) always appreciate being appreciated.

  • If we are booked to work together, when or how can I get in touch with you?
    I look at my work week like any other business work week. I’m always open to receiving e-mails any day, but when it comes to text messages and calls please leave it to these hours only:

    Monday: 11am - 5pm (texts and calls)
    Tuesday: 11am - 5pm (texts and calls)
    Wednesday: 11am - 5pm (texts and calls)
    Thursday: 11am - 5pm (texts and calls)
    Friday: 11am - 5pm (texts and calls)
    Saturday: emails only
    Sunday: emails only

    If you text me after 5pm, I will not respond till the next day.
    Just like working a 9-5 job, once you leave work… you want to leave work. So please respect that even though I work from home, this lady needs a break too! Thanks in advance for respecting these wishes.

  • What type of equipment do you shoot with?
    I shoot with a two Canon Mark II's, a Canon 50mm and a Canon 24-70mm.

  • Can I customize a package to fit my needs?
    Absolutely YES! I'm always willing to work with all types of budgets. Let's make it happen!