a quick hello.   

I wanted to say a little something before we (yes, we) embark on a pretty awesome journey together.
I'm not the type of Photographer who's going to show up to your wedding and take typical, posed, "pinterest style" images. My goal is to
capture moments that are going to last you longer than the few hours that make up your entire wedding day! 

Those in-between shots, especially the ones you might not expect happen are my bread and butter.
The blurry moments, the ones that maybe be a little too close for comfort and FOR SURE the moments where you might
think I've captured your signature "ugly cry", but are truly the most beautiful of emotions. 

When it comes to shooting weddings, I don't want to be just another vendor that you decided to hire
for your wedding day. I want you to feel like I'm a part of the inner circle, someone who you actually l i k e and that you actually k n o w.

Do you like traveling and trying new things? Do you laugh at dog videos on a daily basis? 
Would you rather stay in your PJ's and watch Netflix all weekend instead of go out? If any of these scenarios
sound like you and your special someone.. then we'll be besties in no time! 

Being close to your Photographer is not a crime. It's something that is so important that I 100% encourage it. 

With that being said, I cannot w a i t to get to know you. 

love and thanks, 

Sessions start at $375+

Elopements + Intimate
Weddings start at $1800+

Local Pennsylvania Weddings
(Including: New Jersey + New York)
start at $2800+

Traveling Weddings start at $3200+


"This photography was the greatest gift of our whole wedding! I could not have had a better experience working with Chelsie. She was wonderfully easy-going and made things run so smoothly and seamlessly throughout the day. The images she shot are gorgeous and beautifully natural. My husband and I are not ones to love the camera, but she made it so fun and comfortable for us. Her editing style is amazing and we could not have been happier by having her a part of our day!"

- Matthew & Melissa



Enough about me! It's your turn. The more I know about you guys, the better I'll be able to photograph you! 

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Tell me a little bit about yourselves! What do you like to do together? Did you hit it off right away? Your favorite trip you took? Tell me everything! Got questions? Ask me anything!