The Moralis Family (Pennsylvania)

The Moralis family has such a special place in my heart. I've been shooting their family photos every year since Harper (who is now FOUR) was a little babe. I even shot Ambers maternity photos! Amber and I met years ago while she was pregnant with her first and was still shooting weddings full-time. She needed someone to take over a few weddings that were booked too close to her due date and that's where I fit in. 

I'm so happy we wound up connecting and keeping in touch because I've looked forward to getting together with their family every year and seeing their little ones grow into such amazingly bright and adorable kids. 

This year Amber and John decided on shooting their family photos in Valley Forge which is a beautiful (and quite large) National Park in Pennsylvania. The weather was perfect. Not too hot... not too cold and the little bit of drizzle didn't stop us from enjoying a nice stroll, all while catching up on each others lives and snapping a few candids.  

Enjoy viewing their session.