Surprise Proposal: Brandon + Bethany / by chelsie olivieri

Brandon and Bethany are a couple from Seattle who have been together for FIVE years. Bethany's originally from Denver, but moved to Seattle for school and started working along side Brandon at a local restaurant during her time there. "I already knew I liked her a lot before we started dating, but I knew within the first 3 months that she was the one", Brandon expressed to me..

(ummm... ::heart eyes::)

During the past few months that Brandon and I discussed the perfect plans for his surprise proposal, I always wondered how he found out about Dependent on the Winds. I mean, since he and Bethany are from Seattle and I just recently moved to Denver it was an honest curiosity! His answer, "I actually came across a picture of yours on Pinterest (PINTEREST). You were the first and only person I ended up contacting." Being a newbie to the Denver area this was music to my ears... or eyes? 

Lastly, I asked Brandon how he picked out Bethany's ring (I didn't see it till the day of the proposal) - "This, to me, is at the root of her style..simple, yet romantic" and that's truly the best way to describe her beautiful engagement ring. 
(I'm not gonna spoil it by telling you what it looks like! You'll just have to look for yourself! 
Enjoy reliving their beautiful proposal story. - C.