Denver Musician: Michael Foreit / by chelsie olivieri

Michael Foreit is a Colorado native & a local Denver musician. He is the definition of "making your passion a career" by playing music FULL-TIME. With his talent I'm not surprised he has four regular gigs a week and even teaches guitar lessons on the side. I met him through a group called, Roma Ransom, when I was looking for live performers for our wedding back in September. He's such a chill, down to earth kinda guy and his talent is just incredible. He specializes in finger picking modern day songs (Drake, some T-swift) and of course the classics (Cindy lauper, Cat Stevens etc). Once we got back from the honeymoon, I had to get back into the groove of reality. A JOB was my reality. So here we are, the first session as a DENVER PHOTOGRAPHER!! I'm so excited to see what this state brings to the table for Dependent on the Winds.. Let's do it!